The Dynamic Workout SystemTM consists of an exercise ball, a set of two power free weights (ballast ball) and a workout video. It was was developed by the legendary professional elite athlete trainer, Marv Marinovich and Dr. Edythe Heus a chiropractor and a Kinesiologist, to help professional and recreational athletes, both men and women alike, maximize their fitness and performance levels.

   Whether your interests are in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball or most other sports, DWS is unigue in that it helps to build and tone muscle in ways that will also increase strength, flexibility and balance without injuring the body. This complete body-reconditioning workout also targets your abdominals, back, shoulders, and chest.
    •Helps to build and tone muscle
    •Helps to develop flexibility
    •Helps to create total body balance
    •Helps to improve range of motion
    •Can help enhance overall performance in sports

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this video will be donated to SEHORN'S CORNER; a charitable organization dedicated to assisting underprivileged, single parent families.

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